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2023-24 General Meeting Programs
Held at : Jardine Academy,

75 Rod Smith Pl, Cranford

Social Time                    7:00PM        President's Message     7:15PM

Program                         7:30PM

Mothers of Invention

Oct 10, 2023
Carol Simon Levin portrays Lillian Moller Gilbreth, motion study pioneer and “Cheaper by the Dozen” mother of 12 and shares the stories of other overlooked women innovators, including many women of color.  
Speaker: Carol Simon Levin
College & children’s librarian, author, independent historian, storyteller
and program presenter.
Preventing Identity Theft

Nov 14, 2023
This program will start at 7PM.
Officer Mohammad and a guest speaker will discuss topics such as, safeguarding tips to prevent Identity theft, unwanted Marketing and Fraud scams, and Crime Prevention tips.  At the end of the presentation, he will address questions.
Speaker: Officer Ali Muhammad, Cranford Police Department   
When There Were Witches: An Exploration of the Salem Witch Trials
Feb 13, 2024
In January 1692, a strange illness seized control of five young girls living in Salem Village, When medical professionals couldn’t identify the illness, the town believed the girls had come "under an evil hand." Archivist Mickey DiCamillo unravels the events with archival documents from the period, and program participants will interact with transcripts from the 1692 interrogations of suspected witches.  
Speaker:  Mickey DiCamillo, trustee at the Historical Society of Moorestown, research librarian, and archivist
Cranford Downtown Management Corporation-History, Vents, and On-Going Projects

Mar 12, 2024
Learn about the Downtown Management Corporation (known as Downtown Cranford), yearly events, new businesses coming to the downtown, and more!
Speaker: Caren Demyen, Executive Director  for Cranford Downtown Management Corporation 
Scholar Tea Meeting

April 9, 2024
There will be no program this night.  Instead a meeting to help prepare for our annual Scholar Tea Fundraiser.
Join us for an evening of fun and games and prizes!

Starting at 7PM.
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