2020-21 General Meeting Programs
Until further notice all meetings will be held via Zoom.
Meeting               7:30 pm
Speaker approx  8:00 pm
The Birth and Growth of Cranford Part II – The Early Developers: 1860-1900
Oct 12, 2020
The 1865 completion of the railroad bridge across the northern end of Newark Bay propelled the influx of developers who would turn our small farm community into a suburban paradise.
Speaker: Victor A. Bary, Trustee Cranford Historical Society
A Guided Walk Through Cranford’s South Side - From Your Chair
Nov 9, 2020
Learn about about the history of the South Side of Cranford and see vintage photos from the Archives of the Cranford Historical Society. The pictures will show Cranford’s South Side, including pictures of Walnut and Lincoln Avenues and the path next to the River and compare them to current pictures. 
Speaker: Maureen Strazdon, Cranford Historian
Paintings of the Dutch Golden Age: A Virtual Tour
Feb 8, 2020
Get to know pictures by Frans Hals, Jan Vermeer and Rembrandt von Rijn. Along the way, learn about the Dutch Republic in its 17th century heyday, including its tulip mania and the Flying Dutchman!
Speaker:      Michael Norris, Ph. D.
Former Educator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art 
Why Staging Your Home Is So Important
Mar 8, 2021
Learn about the benefits that you can get from staging your home before selling, and  how using staging techniques in your home can enhance your living experience at home. Dianne has used her unique approach to interior design for the past 30 years in Essex, Union and Monmouth Counties, New Jersey, and has worked in design and display with retailers such as Platypus and Fortunoff.
Speaker: Dianne Mroz,  Owner of Creative Crew Design. 
Brain Games and Brain Health
Apr 12, 2021
This Interactive presentation discusses the important topics of brain health and our brain as our body’s “master computer” and will show how brain games help to keep the mind sharp. We will learn daily maintenance activities we can do to help to keep this master organ healthy and in best working order, such as eating a healthy diet, physical exercise, proper rest, playing brain games and doing mental exercises. These practices will stimulate and exercise different parts of the brain to help increase our memory.
Speaker: Lauren Feldman, Community Health Rep for Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NJ. 
 Bee Colonies & Honey Production      
May 10, 2021
There are no sunny bees or shade bees, just honeybees.  Join Tage Haun as he explains how he got started in beekeeping. When he lost almost all of his trees, he had to re-landscape for sun, and noticing a lack of honeybees, we decided to install a colony 'out back’.  It’s more hobby than business; we just didn’t know what to do with 100 lbs of honey.
Speaker: Taug Haun, Apiarist